Choosing A Low EMF Hair Dryer

Choosing The Best Low EMF Hair Dryer

Thinking of buying a low EMF hair dryer? Not sure what “low-EMF” means? We break down the importance of EMF  considerations when choosing a blow dryer.

What Is A Low EMF Hair Dryer?

Hair dryers available for purchase may be labeled as “low-EMF” (EMF stands for electro magnetic field). This means that the appliance produces a lower level of EMF radiation compared with other dryers on the market. EMF radiation is actually quite common and present in many household appliances including microwaves, fluorescent lamps, blenders, televisions and vaccuum cleaners.

However, some experts belief that it may contribute to serious health issues including cancer and tumors. Although there is no definitive proven link to cancer, some consumers may choose to opt for low-EMF dryers for piece of mind. It’s not unheard of for products to be proven harmful even though they were initially deemed as safe. As consumers, we have the right to know the potential repercussions of using a particular product and making the decision whether to use it or not.

Unfortunately, the levels of EMF radiation is not required to be labeled on products which makes finding low EMF hair dryers and appliances challenging.

Low - Emf Hair DryerHow To Find Out If A Hair Dryer Is Low EMF

An EMF tester can be used in order to test the EMF rating of any household device.  Exposure to the average hair dryer at up to 3 feet is generally at 60-20,000 mG which is high considering the fact that according to the USA Environmental Protection Agency recommended safety levels are at .5 mG to 2.5 mG.

Here’s a list of dryers clearly labeled as Low EMF Hair Dryers