Best Professional Hair Dryer

Professional hair dryers aren’t just for salon use but also suitable for those who want pro results from the comfort of their own home. As long as you master proper blow drying techniques, it is possible to achieve salon results at home with a bit of practice.

Stylists depend on their blow dryers to achieve the perfect blowout client after client, year after year. Notice how your hair always looks super healthy and shiny after a great blowout at the salon? It’s mainly due to the technique used during the blowout but the hair dryer itself makes a huge difference as well.

In order to find the best professional hair dryer we evaluated blower dryer weight (for ergonomics), wattage, motor durability and features.

The Solano Forza Hair Dryer

The Solano Forza came on top thanks to its relatively light weight, 2000 watts of power and long-life motor.

2000 watts of power ensures  that a stylist will be able to style thick and coarse hair with ease. The extra long-life motor ensures that the dryer will work every time, client after client. Solano Forza hair dryer features include numerous temperature and speed settings which ensure that it will work on different types of hair. An added bonus is the extra long cord allowing the stylist more freedom when it comes to styling from different angles.

What Makes  Solano Forza The Best Professional Hair Dryer 

One of the best professional hair dryers most trusted by stylists across the world in the Solano Forza. This professional dryer is designed for high performance. 3 temperature settings and 2 speeds are available making this dryer suitable for all types of hair. A cold shot is in place to lock down your style.

Infrared heat is used to dry the hair from inside out for healthier looking hair. The super high velocity motor provides an intense airflow meaning you’ll spend less time drying. The latest tourmaline, ceramic and infrared heat technology is used in order to maximize shine and smooth hair.

What Reviewers Had To Say About The Solano Forza Hair Dryer

Users have noted that the Solano Forza gets very hot and is extremely powerful. One user found that her drying time was cut in half but warned not to hold the dryer in one place for too long since it can get extremely hot. Shinier hair was also noticed as a byproduct of styling with the Solano Forza hair dryer. Users especially liked the cold shot button since the air emitted was extremely cold regardless of whether the previous heat setting was on hot.

Despite it’s drying capabilities it’s on the quiet side. Two concentrators are included with the dryer.


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What To Look For In A Professional Hair Dryer

Here are a few things to consider when buying a professional hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Weight

Stylists give clients blow out after blow out all day long. A lighter blow dryer is more ergonomic and ensures that your hands won’t get tired. A light dryer is a must for use in a professional salon. Anything around 1 lb or lighter is considered light weight.


A dryer with a higher wattage will provide stylists with more versatility when it comes to styling. This is important as stylists deal with clients with a wide variety of textures, lengths and manageability. High temperature settings will be needed to straighten hair that is naturally curly or wavy. High heat may also be needed to dry thick and coarse hair efficiently.

Noise Levels

Hair salons are generally pretty noisy to begin with and it can get out of control pretty fast with multiple stylists giving clients blow outs at the same time. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can also damaging to the ears for professionals who are exposed to loud dryers on a daily basis. Read our post about finding a quiet blow dryer here. Pick a hair dryer with a low volume output in order to keep noise levels under control.


An ionic setting is a must on a professional hair dryers. Ionic blow dryers can speed up the drying process by as much as 70% and make hair look shinier and healthier. Negatively charged ions help to evaporate hair during the drying process in order to minimize damage.