Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Reviews

Read our reviews for the best Bio Ionic hair dryers below including the Bio Ionic Ultralight Light, Bionic Power Light Pro and Bio Ionic 10x UltraLight.

Bio Ionic Ultralight Light 

Looking for an ultra quiet hair dryer that will give you shiny and smooth silky strands without weighing a ton? The Bio Ionic Ultralight Light is a light weight dryer that dries hair fast without damage. According to the manufacturer, this Bio Ionic blow dryer is able to help retain hair color longer than any other dryer on the market.

Bio Ionic Ultralight Features 

The Bio Ionic Ultralight light utilizes nanolonic mineral in order to moisturize and smooth hair. It’s very light weight at 1lb, 2 oz and was named one of the most quietest hair dryers in the world by Quiet Mark Recipient. It’s also fast-drying with 1400 watts of power. Three heat settings are in place; high, low and cool plus a cool shot button to lock in your style.

What Reviewers Had To Say About The Bio Ionic Ultralight 

Reviewers reported that this Bio-ionic hair dryer left their hair silky and smooth. Another reported seeing a difference in her hair the first time she used it and being able to skip out on using her flat iron.

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Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro Dryer 

The Bionic Powerlight Pro[/easyazon_link] dryer is Bio Ionic’s #1 seller. It’s a popular choice with many professional stylists due to its ability to dry hair in half the time and ionic technology which leaves hair shiny and manageable. Like the name implies, this Bio Ionic hair dryer is light weight weighing in at just 1 lb.

Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro Specs & Features 

This Bio Ionic blow dryer is equipped with a powerful 1875 watts of power and a longer-lasting AC motor. Conditioning nano beads speed up the drying process while leaving hair shiny and hydrated. It’s also very light weight at just 1 lb.

What Customers Had To Say About Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro

One customer reported that the dryer was lightweight, sturdy and dried hair in half the time. Used are also noted smoother and healthier looking hair and loved the fact that it was light weight. Quite a few reviewers noted that it was the best hair dryer they’ve every used.

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Bio Ionic 10x UltraLight Speed Dryer

The Bio Ionic 10x UltraLight dryer is 57% more powerful than traditional dryers using a DC motor. This Bio Ionic hair dryer uses an exclusive patented brushless ecodrive system. It’s also environmmentally friendly since it emits zero EMF and uses 75% less energy than other dryers.  The Bio Ionic 10x is also the priciest Bio Ionic hair dryer we’ve reviewed so far.

Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight Specs & Features 

The Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight is super light weight at just 15 ounces and comes with 3 heat and speed settings with a cool shot button. The cord is 9 foot long.

What Customers Had To Say About Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight Specs & Features 

Reviewers noted that it dried their hair extremely fast and loved the fact that it was light weight. Reviewers noted shinier and healthier looking hair. A few reviewers found this dryer too hot.

Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight


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