Best Hair Straigthener & Flat Iron

Best Flat Iron & Hair Straightener 2021 Reviews

Want straight, sleek shiny hair without the damage? Today’s best flat irons use ionic, ceramic and infrared technology in order to straighten hair without causing damage. The T3 Singple Pass X Wide iron is our pick for the best hair straightener due to its thick plates and innovative features.

What To Look For In A Flat Iron & Hair Straightener

Here is a list of top features to look for in a flat iron.


Prices can vary from affordable flat iron brands from affordable, like HSI, to mid-range like the Babyliss line all the way to top-of-the line luxury straighteners from companies like T3 and Solano. You’ll probably end up using your flat iron for many years to come and as such it makes sense to invest in a quality appliance that will last the test of time.


The temperature settings you’ll need greatly depends on hair type. Those with thick, long, frizzy and curly hair will need more heat to straighten their locks while those with fine hair won’t need as much heat. Some hair straighteners come with adjustable temperature settings while others may have just one set temperature. If you have thick hair you may need an iron that goes up to 400 degrees fahrenheit.

Plate Size

The plate size you’ll need depends on your hair. If you have really long or thick hair you’ll want thicker plates (at the very least 1′” but 1.5″ is best) because a thicker plate will allow you to straighten more hair. This means you’ll be able to style all of your hair faster. If you have short hair you may prefer a narrower plate (around .5″).

Types Of Plates

The most common types of flat iron plates are ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. Ceramic plates work to distribute heat evenly so you don’t end up with patches of damaged hair.  Titanium flat irons produce more ions than ceramic irons and are a solid choice if you have thick or coarse hair. Tourmaline hair straighteners are able to produce negative ions continuously and are able to straighten hair with less heat compared to ceramic and titanium irons. If you have damaged hair or have concerns about hair damage tourmaline flat irons would be a good choice.

Our Picks For Best Flat Iron & Straightener

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron

What makes the T3 Pass X Wide iron our top pick its extra wide 1.5″ plate which makes it a cinch to straighten extra thick and long hair rapidly. The plate is .5″ wider compared to the T3 Single Pass Luxe which is ‘” wide and the Single Pass compact which is 0.8″ wide. It also offers the latest technology; a microchip monitors temperatures and automatically adjusts the heat settings in order to prevent burning or frying your hair. T3 Tourmaline ceramic technology leaves your hair shiny and smooth. Five heat settings are in place. It also features an intuitive audio/visual interface and is light weight and comfortable with extensive usage. Reviewers stated that it straightened their thick and curly hair in just one pass and that it stayed straight throughout the day.

T3 Single Pass X Wide Iron

 Solano Sleekheat 450 Professional Flat Iron

This professional iron utilizes ceramic and tourmaline technology in order to smooth and straighten hair. The ceramic plates heat hair evenly while styling. Temperature control settings range from 170 F to 450 F.  Ionic technology removes static and frizz while tourmaline minimizes flyaways. Far infrared heat dries hair from the inside out. Reviewers noted that it heated up fast and straightened and smoothed their hair in just one pass even with thick and coarse hair.

Solano Sleekheat 450 Professional Flat Iron

 Chi Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

The Chi flat iron is a cult favorite due to its dependability and reasonable price. This professional salon hair straightener uses infrared heating to minimize frizz and amp up the shine. Reviewers noted that it straightened their hair fast and that their hair remained straight throughout the day. This hair straightener heats up quickly up to 392 degrees. Negative ions reduce frizz and add moisture and shine.

Chi Original Pro 1

T3 Single Pass Compact Flat Iron

The T3 Single Pass Compact Flat Iron is a solid choice if you are a frequent traveler or want the T3 hair straightening experience at a very reasonable price. The plate is .08″ wide versus the standard 1″ but it shouldn’t be a huge deal if you have short or thin hair. It features ceramic, tourmaline and infrared technology; basically all of the T3 coveted features in a smaller package. Reviewers noted that it offered full size power despite it’s smaller size.

T3 Single Pass Compact Flat Iron

 Infiniti Pro Conair Steam Flat Iron 1 1/2 inch

What makes this flat iron different from any of the others we’ve reviewed is that it uses steam in order to infuse moisture for healthy locks and hold your style extra long even in humid conditions. This steam flat iron comes with 5 temperature settings, takes just 30 seconds to heat and has a max temperature of 455 degrees. It uses a combination of ionic, tourmaline and ceramic technology for silky hair. Reviewers noted that the steam feature straightened their hair faster versus straightening without it.

Infiniti Pro Conair Steam Flat Iron