Best Hair Dryer For Thick & Coarse Hair

Have thick, coarse or long hair? One of the most important factors when choosing a hair dryer for thick hair is power, heat and a large number of heat settings. Thick hair requires a lot of heat in order to manage and a large number of heat settings allows for more versatility.

2099391Rusk Speed Freak 2000 Watts Dryer

Rusk Speed Freak is our top choice for thick hair; this professional ceramic tourmaline dryer boasts 2000 watts for extreme heat in order to tame even the most unruly hairs. This dryer is also a great fit for those who want to straighten their curly or kinky hair due to its extreme heat. 7 different speed and heat settings allow you to ease up on the temperature when needed and allows the entire family to use the dryer.

Far infrared and natural ions are used in order to dry hair much faster than traditional dryers, eliminate frizz and lock in moisture for ultra shiny strands. Hair is dried from the inside out in order to prevent damage from overheating.  Ceramic and tourmaline technology keeps your hair safe and healthy despite the high temperatures. This dryer has a removable filter for easy cleaning.

Why Rusk Speed Freak Is The Best Hair Dryer For Thick Hair 

Rusk Speed Freak is equipped with a 2000 watts of power which is salon grade and more than adequate heat to straighten even the most unmanageable and unruliest of tresses. Users with thick and frizzy hair have noted silky poker straight locks after blow drying. Some have also noted that their hair stayed in place and didn’t frizz up even with high humidity. The dryer is on the heavy side weighing in at 1.9 lbs.  This dryer is ideal for anyone with thick, coarse and long hair and wants to reduce their hair drying time dramatically. Reviewers also noted very fast drying times with some having their drying time cut by more than half.

Rusk Speed Freak Pros & Cons 

We like the fact that Rusk Speed Freak is a medium priced dryer; it’s nowhere as expensive as a T3 or Supersolano but also not as affordable as a Conair. Still quite reasonable considering the 2000 watts motor. Big pros include the ability to get hair poker straight and keep it frizz free even in high humidity. Some users have noted that this dryer can get extremely hot and it’s recommended to use a thermal protectant spray in order to prevent heat damage.

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