The Best Hair Dryer 2021 & Hair Dryer Reviews

Welcome to Shop Hair Dryers where we offer in-depth hair dryer reviews for. It is our mission to help you find the best hair dryer in 2021 for your hair type and budget with our in-depth hair dryer reviews. In addition to blow dryer reviews we also offer advice from hair care experts.

We strive to address all of your hair concerns from  nutrition to natural hair care. Check out our latest posts on a list of must-have foods and vitamins for healthy hair. If you’re just looking for hair dryer reviews check out our top picks below.

Below is a list of our top picks for the best hair dryer of 2021 for every hair type, budget and need.

elchim-2001-professional-hair-dryer-elchim-classic-416x416Elchim Classic 2001 – Best Hair Dryer 2021

After going through countless blow dryer reviews, our top pick for best hair dryer features classic Italian engineering and has won numerous awards including Allure Magazine’s Best In Beauty and Style Magazine’s Best In Class.

It’s a favorite of many stylists and beauty schools due to its long lasting motor which has a lifespan of 2,000 hours.  1875 watts of power and the optimum balance between heat, airflow and air pressure makes it suitable for all hair types. Ionic technology is used to dry hair faster compared to the average dryer.

Features include two speed and four temperature settings. Reviewers noted that it was light weight, dried hair exceedingly fast and lasted for many years. This blow dryer garnered a rating of 4.8 (out of 5) on Makeupalley. Read the full review here

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babtt5585_3-4Babyliss Pro Tourmaline 3000 Hair Dryer Review

Our best tourmaline hair dryer and runner up in 2021for goes to the Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline 3000.  A favorite of professional stylist and consumers alike, this affordable yet powerful dryer offers 1900 watts of power and uses tourmaline technology and infrared heating for fast drying times. Features include a cold shot button to lock in your style, six heat and speed settings and a 9 foot long cord.  Read the full review here

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supersolano-the-original-350x350Solano Supersolano Review

This professional hair dryer is a favorite of many hair stylists due to its long lasting motor, powerful 1875 watt motor and 3 heat and 2 speed settings making it suitable for just about any hair type. The high velocity motor is extra powerful and provides for tons of airflow.  This professional blow dryer uses tourmaline technology in order to smooth flyaways and eliminate frizz. Read the full review here

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ruskRusk Speed Freak Blow Dryer Review

Rusk Speed Freak is our top pick for thick hair due its sheer power. With 2,000 watts of power, this blow dryer has enough heat to manage the most unruly and thickest tresses. It’s comes with 7 speed and heat settings making it suitable for just about everyone in the family. Ion and far infrared technology is used in order to get rid of frizz and dry hair fast. Tourmaline and ceramic technology helps to keep hair shiny despite the heat. Read the full review here

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How We Determined The Best Hair Dryers Of 2021 

The right hair dryer can reduce frizz, leave your hair silky smooth and reduce your drying time in half. Most of today’s dryers utilize ion, ceramic and tourmaline technology for optimum results.

Our Hair Dryer Reviews For 2021 Features All Types Of Hair Dryers

Ionic blow dryers  reduce the amount of static electricity in the hair and dry the hair at a much faster pace by breaking down water molecules  and interact with hair products (such as conditioners) for shiner, healthier hair.

Ceramic  produce infrared heat with the ability to penetrate and dry hair on the inside without burning the exterior. They are ideal for those with fragile and damaged hair.

Tourmaline  are considered “the best of the best” and also the most expensive. Tourmaline is a mineral. Some dryers are manufactured completely out of tourmaline while others just have tourmaline on the inside.

Hair Type

Your hair type will help determine the right appliance for your hair. A diffuser will be extremely important if you have curly or wavy hair so look for dryers which come equipped with one. You may want to consider the Deva Blow dryer since it was developed especially for curly/wavy hair.

Those with fine or fragile hair may want to consider blow dryers designed to boost volume. You can read our reviews on the  hair dryers for fine hair here.  I would also suggest opting for a blow dryer with the ability to switch the “ion” feature off since these dryers are designed to smooth the the hair shaft and may weigh down hair that is already fine.If you want to straighten your hair you’ll want one that is powerful with high heat options.


Experts suggest a blow dryer with 1300 to 1875 watts for regular home use. Different types of hair require different levels heat. Hair that is very coarse may require a higher level of heat in order to style effectively and reduce drying time.

Those with curly hair who want to straighten their locks will also want to opt for a more powerful hair dryer.

Hair that is damaged and fragile may benefit more from a lower setting. Luckily virtually all dryers come equipped with various heat settings which make them suitable for a large number of hair types.


Tourmaline and ionic hair dryers repel water for faster hair drying times and also work to smooth the hair’s cuticle for a sleek and glossy mane. Tourmaline and ionic hair dryers are excellent for those who what smooth and shiny hair.

Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for those who want to achieve more volume and body.

The new Dyson hair dryer offers intelligent heat control which utilizes a microprocessor in order to monitor temperatures and adjusts accordingly in order to prevent heat damage.

Noise Levels

Some people don’t consider noise levels when considering a blow dryer to use but it can be important if you plan on using it frequently. Constant exposure to loud noise may lead to hearing damage. It can also be a nuisance if you use it early in the morning or when others are sleeping nearby. We try to mention in our hair dryer reviews if a particular blow dryer is loud or quiet if that information is available. Take a look at our number one pick for a quiet dryer.

Normal Mode” or “Cool Shot Button”

Most of our blow dryer picks have a cold shot button which can be used to “lock in your style” and add shine.


Find the best hair dryer at Shop Hair DryersNote the accessories that are included with the device. Most come with a concentrator while others may also include a diffuser. The concentrator is a small device that attaches at the end of the dryer and directs air flow for a great blowout. A concentrator can also reduce frizz for a smoother appearance by directing heat in one direction. Hair stylists will usually use a concentrator when giving you a blow out. A concentrator is a must if you want a “salon-style” blowout at home. Diffusers are ideal for people with curly hair because it distributes heat evenly. This will result in soft, manageable curls that are more manageable and less frizzy.


Cost can vary greatly; top of the line blow dryers from brands like T3, Elchim, Solano, are on the high-end while brands such as Babyliss and Rusk are more in the middle. Then you have brands such as Conair and Revlon that manufacture quality products which are very affordable. The product you’ll most likely pick will depend on your budget and needs.


Dryers with a 110/120 voltage will only work in the U.S and Canada. If you plan to travel worldwide consider a blow dryer with dual voltage which convert to 220/240 with the addition of a standard adapter.

Cord Length

Dryer cords vary in length. Longer cords give you more freedom in terms of moving around.


Check out the manufacturer’s warranty before making a final choice. This will enable you return the product or have it repaired if there are any defects.

We hope you found our selection of best hair dryers and hair dryer reviews for 2021 useful. Remember, the “best hair dryer” may be different for each person depending on their hair type and needs. Read our brand-specific hair dryer reviews if you have a particular brand in mind.